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Achieving good mental health is a journey, not a destination. Let our service help you on your journey.

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Family/Community Support

We assist individuals and families in obtaining their basic needs.

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Medication Management

We assist our clients in having a continuous recovery.

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Psychiatric Services

We give our clients the freedom to communicate their thoughts and emotions.

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Substances Abuse Recovery

We are with you in your treatment journey.

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Therapeutic Counseling

We have professionals who can give personalized attention and care.

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Welcome to ATOFOM Behavioral Health

We take pride in providing quality patient-centered care uniquely formulated to meet your needs. Our professionals are compassionately dedicated to listening and working with you to overcome all your mental challenges. Your safety is crucial, so we provide a safe environment for your comfort and cherish your strength and input in the decision-making process. We value trust, and we are committed to ensuring that together we achieve your goals and have a normal and fulfilled life.

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Our Commitment Mission Statement

At ATOFOM Behavioral Health, our mission is to provide compassionate, evidence-based, and culturally responsive behavioral healthcare services to promote the holistic well-being of individuals and communities. We strive to empower our clients to achieve their full potential with personalized care plans, skilled professionals, and innovative treatments.

About Us

Our Vision

At ATOFOM Behavioral Health, our vision is to work with our patients, family, and community to eradicate the stigmatization of mental health disorders. We promote awareness through innovation and education aimed at improving mental health services to patients, families, and the community we serve.

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